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In praise of the sweet french girl…

6 Jun

…Who, in a bar last night, gracefully sidestepped the complete drunk who was barrelling through the crowd towards her with the eye of the tiger.

‘La Haine’ is a relatively old film about three friends growing up in the suburbs of Paris. Set in a volatile time of riots, police brutality and crippling economic depression, it charts a day in their life and the trials within.

It’s in french, with subtitles so if that’s not your thing no worries at all. I highly recommend you try and find a dvd of it though, although that could be tough seeing as it’s old, arty and not made in hollywood. Ahem, *Cough*

The film tackles and discusses important questions about society, personal development, the path our decisions take us on and, in the scene below, the need to open yourself up and acknowledge your faults to improve yourself.

It’s well worth the watch.

All the best!