The friday balance

1 Jul

I’m too hard on myself, and others. A balance must be struck, but I’ve a horrible tendency to veer too far away from being a ‘nicey-nicey’ type because I believe that it leads to complacency all too easily. BUT, a balance must be struck. Miss by an inch, in either direction, miss by a mile.

I haven’t begun spitting venom, but still there’ve been times when I’ve become a little bit too dismissive or contrary when thinking things through for this page. Luckily enough it hasn’t slipped past me yet (I hope- you guys could think otherwise haha), but still, there’s always a chance.

So i’ve decided; in an effort to keep the balance, and my sanity, to try and do something every friday that could be loosely termed as ‘inspirational’…as much as I don’t like the image that the word brings to mind.

It’s Friday; have a good one. Depending on your circumstances, you could be looking forward to a quiet night in, out, alone or with company or, heaven forbid, not looking forward to any of these possibilities-in which case, read the last line carefully. Very carefully.

Anyway, Click here if you are

A: going out later and want to get pumped with some spiritually influenced stompin’, or

B: nicely chilling for the evening, and want a sweet horn section to back up the feeling

Whatever you’re doing, just remember: Happiness is a matter of perspective, not circumstance.


One Response to “The friday balance”

  1. Deeone July 2, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Loved this post! I took a listen to Eddie’s horns. :) Pretty cool. I also loved what you had to say about happiness being a matter of perspective… that is definitely true. If anyone wants to be happy… they just need to “Be”. :) I’m yet still a fan, man. Stay cool and all the best to you. :)

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